From 1969 to today
history of research
and passion

Founded by Elio Salvadori in 1969 as a shop to manufacture bed bases for naval supply, with the founder’s ongoing commitment and major investments, the company quickly became a benchmark, always seeking to supply high quality products designed to last. After 45 years, Salvadori is now one of the leading Italian companies in the sleep sector, its plants covering an area of 15,000 m2 and employing 50.

The company Salvadori Srl was founded in 1950 as a handmade producer of bed bases for naval supply.

The company went from manufacturing for the ship industry to bed bases and mattresses for the general public.

In 1969 the Zigflex brand and the anti-squeaking patent for bases were registered. In the same year the first production plant was opened in Scorzè.
Anti-squeaking patent for bases.
Mattress production began: new production site in Quinto di Treviso (TV).
The production of wooden bed bases was added to that of metal bed bases.
Research began in the world of biomechanics and ergonomics, developed in association with the main institutions. New "REM" production technology was developed, revolutionising the

classic bed base production method by eliminating all types of welding on the profiles used and replacing it with an easy assembly elastic connection system.
Modo bed bases were developed with an innovative sleep solution, the fruit of biomedical, ergonomics and sleep medicine research. Motorised bases were introduced

with the exclusive patented Sliding Back System. Anti-allergenic and hi-tech materials were introduced in the production of mattresses.

Aertech technology was introduced, a polymer foam synthesized with ecological processes, which exploits the

active ingredient of water and is used alongside latex and independent coils in addition to Bonnell coils.

Aertech technology is added to PCM (Phase Change Material) technology, the turning point in product development.
The combination of the two

technologies gave life to Aertech Air Clima. These new slabs provide greater breathability and uniform distribution of body weight.

2017 is introduced Aquagel, the innovative foam made of liquid gel with high memory effect, with a refreshing effect and designed to ower the temperature and relieve the pressure points.