Independent Coils
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The most advanced expression of research and technology in coil mattresses is the invention of independent and interactive coils. Each coil is contained in a polyester sack which keeps each one in position and allows them to move independently from the ones next to it. This feature ensures that body pressure is addressed point by point, which in turn ensures comfort, making the structure sensitive to differentiated pressures and offering progressive support for the spine. The system interacts with the weight and movements of the body and also guarantees excellent ventilation and steam transpiration produced during sleep, preventing the formation of mould.

Each mattress depending on size has from 400 to 2000 high-resistance tempered steel coils, each with a different diameter and elasticity to guarantee differentiated comfort. The coils, certified by the German institute LGA, have a different diameter for the different parts of the body: 1.8 – 1.9 mm for the areas which require higher elasticity, 2 mm for the lumbar region where a more rigid support is preferable. Their resistance and elasticity withstand the test of time without compromising comfort. Even the box system in Aertech which contains the coils, adapts to the body avoiding the compression of capillaries and improving blood circulation.