Steel bed bases
Strong and flexible

The Modo bed base collection is an innovative sleeping solution. The performance levels of this line are the fruit of years of research into biomechanics, ergonomics and sleep medicine and are the result of very strict tests performed within the company. The program offers the widest possible choice of different sleeping methods. Innovative elements in the motorised version are the Sliding Back System that slides back when the head-back zone is raised, and the telescopic movement, which is designed to allow the bed base to extend when the headboard is raised, thus preventing the mattress from slipping out of the base and ensuring ergonomically correct support for the

spine. The 7-ply beechwood slats are certified and tested in compliance with European standards, to reduce emissions of formaldehyde to a minimum, with respect for the environment and for greater resistance and flexibility. Inserted into the special “Twist” supports they offer the body personalised comfort. Modo bed bases can be equipped with the exclusive load-bearing system “Springy”, composed of particular, flower-shaped elements of SEBS rubber that respond to natural movement during sleep, improving blood circulation and relaxing tension on the vertebrae. Modo bed bases can be accessorised with the headboard.