The sleeping system

A good night’s sleep involves retaining the correct posture: it is particularly important to choose a bed base, a mattress and pillows that provide appropriate support for the most delicate part of the spine, i.e. the neck area. Throughout the day, the spine is


subjected to various intense stresses, which could lead to classic back ache: it is therefore vital to rest for enough hours on a suitable sleeping system, which allows the spine to regain its correct position and retain all its efficiency and suppleness.

1. The base

The choice of bed base is the first step in creating the correct sleeping system. It is important for the bed base to be sufficiently firm with flexible wooden slats to allow physiological curves to be retained, irrespective of the posture taken, and allow good mattress ventilation for improved body breathability.

Wooden slats should be sized, stiffened and configured according to the ergonomic characteristics of the mattress, to act as a base and provide support. You can choose between an all-wood base, or with a metal frame, depending on how sensitive you are to electrostatic fields.

2. The mattress

The mattress plays a very important role in the success of a good night’s sleep for a good day’s living. When resting, the body needs to be supported in a balanced and harmonious way. The first indispensable condition is that a correct posture is retained even when we are lying down. For this to happen, the mattress must adapt to the physiological curves by ensuring the correct comfort provided by the internal structure,

whether it is in foam material or with a spring system.
This is why mattresses with differentiated zones exist, and in combination with the bed base, they create the proper comfort and balance, fostering blood circulation and the maintenance of a constant position for a deep and restorative sleep.

3. The cover

A decorative element of the mattress, it is often selected to suit personal tastes. In actual fact, the cover is one of the most important parts of a mattress because it is the element closest to our body. Choosing the cover of the mattress is a fundamental step in achieving comfort during sleep, and several factors should be considered, such as: whether the cover is removable, breathable, heat regulation, the ability to repel bacteria – mites and moulds, hygiene achieved by washability and drying.

The functionality of the cover creates the ideal environment from a physical, chemical and biological perspective and contributes to a good night’s sleep on your mattress. This is why Zigflex focuses on the functionality of fabrics without neglecting an attractive and subtle design. High-tech, natural and noble fabrics for a latest-generation concept that satisfies the senses. Sight: harmonious colours and shapes; sound: allowing the atmosphere to envelop us; touch: perceiving the softness of quality.

4. The pillow

The pillow provides support for the neck area: in fact it should support the vertebrae and retain the physiological posture of the neck. The height of the pillow should be suited to individual personal characteristics; the test to perform is to check the verticality of your gaze: when you are lying down and relaxed and your head is located on the rachis extension, your eyes should be looking at the ceiling.

When you seep in a prone position (tummy facing down), it is preferable to use a low thickness pillow or even do without one altogether. For those who are used to sleeping on their side, a pillow is necessary to keep the neck vertebrae well aligned with the remainder of the spine.