Independent springs
400/800 independent springs

400/800 independent springs for single/double mattress in steel, 1.8 – 2 mm thick.
Flexible and progressive support

This type of system offers superior comfort owing to the individual flexibility of every single spring in supporting the body. This means that, depending on the quantity of springs, a precision can be achieved up to the maximum level of ergonomic adaptation to your body weight.

1000/2000 patented independent springs

1000/2000 independent springs in steel,
1.3 – 1.6 mm thick.
Dynamic and progressive support

The superior strength and durability of the steel wire with a high carbon content are exclusively achieved by patenting it and subsequently drawing it. They are totally eco-sustainable since the pocketing of each individual spring is achieved using 100% biodegradable fabric.
This type of system offers a superior degree of comfort. As they work individually, the large number of springs allow the mattress to adapt to every single area of the body with precision to the nearest millimetre, thereby guaranteeing the utmost comfort in any position.