Memory Foam
Memory Visco VE 40

Density in kg/m3 = 43
Capacity rating kPa = 2
Soft and anatomical firmness

An ultra high-tech material to accommodate the more particular needs in terms of comfort and well-being. It is an ergonomic, hygienic, breathable, hypoallergenic material that is mite-resistant and produced without the use of CFCs. It always guarantees rest in a natural position, free from tensions and compressions, because it is temperature-sensitive and adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, enveloping it in a soft embrace.

Ormagel VE 50/TG

Density in kg/m3 = 53
Capacity rating kPa = 1.4
Soft, anatomical and refreshing firmness

Owing to its special high density and soft structure, it enhances all the characteristics of Memory Visco and adapts perfectly to the shape of the body for maximum comfort. Made with microbeads in PCM (phase change material) it is capable of absorbing body heat to create a constant microclimate, providing a pleasant feeling of well-being. The use of this material is the result of experience and highly innovative technological processes. Memory gel is made with utmost respect for mankind and for the environment, without the use of harmful products or chemicals.