The Zigflex mattress collection was designed and made while looking to the future, for the well-being of man and the environment. The result is a synergistic combination of several elements: passion and tradition, manufacturing technology and the pursuit of innovative solutions, controlled quality and environmental friendliness.


“The secret to creativity is to sleep well and open your mind to endless possibilities.”
A. Einstein

The heart of a comfortable sleeping system is the bed base: a good base, combined with the right mattress, ensures proper support for the body and is the secret to a comfortable sleep, while a worn or inadequate base reduces the performance and limits the benefits even of the best mattress, with the risk of speeding up the wear process. Zigflex offers an extensive range of motorised and fixed bed bases to accommodate the most diverse needs.


“What is essential is invisible to the eye”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

t is a well-known fact that details make the difference, and the choice of pillow to suit your individual needs is vital for a good night’s sleep. Adequate support fosters relaxation of the muscles and contributes to the prevention of tiresome neck ache. Zigflex offers an extensive range of pillows designed to accommodate a wide array of comfort needs. The choice of pillow should take account of the position taken while you sleep and the type of comfort sought, to identify the height and the type of support best suited to support your head.