Dispositivo medico

An excellent mattress owing to its outstanding levels of comfort, quality of sleep and sense of well-being, ideal for use in all four seasons. The Ormagel Memory foam layer adapts perfectly to the shape of the body and absorbs its heat, creating a constant microclimate.

Internal structure


Ormagel VE 50/TG | 3 cm
Soft, heat-regulated firmness
(recommended for 4 seasons)


Horizon color 40S | 2 cm



Patented system of 2,000 independent
steel springs

Dynamic and progressive support



Horizon color 40S | 4,5 cm
Supported firmness

The internal core of F10 is made up of high-tech materials which, by working in synergy, guarantee maximum comfort levels and durability. The Ormagel Memory foam layer absorbs 
body heat and creates the ideal microclimate and a cool and dry environment. The system featuring 2000 independent springs, made with micro-flexible high-strength steel wire, is capable of adapting perfectly to the shape of every individual and guaranteeing precision support. the two Horizon layers not only improve body support but also encourage internal airing to avoid the formation of moulds, bacteria and unpleasant odours.

The covers
Independent springs series

The system featuring 2000 independent springs stands out for the large quantity of springs which, working individually, allow the mattress to adapt to every single area of the body with precision to the nearest millimetre, thereby guaranteeing the utmost comfort in any position. The version with a system featuring 800 springs offers excellent comfort owing to the individual flexibility of every single spring, providing the body with flexible and gradual support. For unrivalled comfort levels, we recommend teaming it with the range of foam layers.