F21 Top

A mattress that is extraordinarily comfortable, accommodating the body firmly and offering it an immediate feeling of relaxation and well-being. The rich and special internal padding makes it extremely breathable, allowing the regulation of both the temperature and the moisture of your body.

Internal structure


Pillow Top
Soft and enveloping firmness



Horizon color 40S | 4,5 cm
Anatomical support



System featuring 2000 independent springs
Dynamic and progressive support



Horizon color 40S | 4,5 cm
Anatomical support

The internal core of F21 Top combines ultra high-tech materials. The pillow top, thanks to the rich internal padding and to the layer of high-breathability Air Clima, guarantees outstanding performance and comfort levels. The 2000 independent springs, which are individually inserted in biodegradable plant-based pockets, support all parts of the body with absolute precision. The layers of Horizon foam offer the best performance in terms of flexibility, breathability and form-stability. The special shaping creates a series of ducts, allowing internal airing and bringing about an environment which cannot be attacked by moulds, bacteria and unpleasant odours.

The covers

Fixed Pillow Top
with “bellows”

Pillow Top sfoderabile a bauletto
Pillow Top with
removable “trunk” cover

Independent springs series

The system featuring 2000 independent springs stands out for the large quantity of springs which, working individually, allow the mattress to adapt to every single area of the body with precision to the nearest millimetre, thereby guaranteeing the utmost comfort in any position. The version with a system featuring 800 springs offers excellent comfort owing to the individual flexibility of every single spring, providing the body with flexible and gradual support. For unrivalled comfort levels, we recommend teaming it with the range of foam layers.