Technical features:






breathable polyester

Air Clima (1 cm)
high density polyester
ultra breathable

The Functional range/covers

Each to their own. A series of mattresses made to accommodate the most varying requirements with an extensive range of material combinations, devised to offer everyone the pleasure of a natural and deep sleep.


Hybrid guarantees maximum comfort whatever the season and occasion, thanks to the properties and functional characteristics of the two Dryarn and Baygard Clean covers. This particular solution was designed to allow a single mattress to offer the functional benefits of two covers and thus ensure exceptional performance in terms of both comfort and user experience. Flipping the mattress over will be just like having a completely different mattress, maintaining the performance levels of the internal structure unchanged. For the winter season, the Baygard side, thanks to its properties, regulates body heat by retaining it. The FullSense padding softly accommodates the body firmly, enveloping it in a sense of warmth and well-being. Baygard Clean is a cover that does not absorb stains, is easy to clean, mould-proof and anti-odour, making it ideal during the winter when washing is less frequent. For the summer season, when the heat is on and your body tends to sweat a lot, the Dryarn side is ideal because your body stays dry as the moisture in your sweat is absorbed by the microfibre and expelled by the Climatech padding. Moreover, Dryarn dries very quickly, thus allowing frequent washing to maintain the utmost levels of hygiene and a clean, fresh feeling. Hybrid is a very firm, beautiful and elegant cover.

Firm comfort

Perception: soft and enveloping, provided by the padded covers and by the first layer of the internal structure in Memory foam, Ormagel, Air Clima. Support: ergonomic, dynamic, according to the shaping and to the different materials that make up the internal structure, both in foam and also independent springs (1000/2000)*, that adapt individually to each point of the body.

Balanced comfort

Perception: less enveloping, less thick or absence of Memory foam, Ormagel or Air Clima, while remaining soft in the case of padded covers. Support: anatomical, flexible as in the case of the foam box with a single density or system with independent springs (400/800)*.

Supported comfort

Perception: not enveloping since the covers have less padding or none at all.
Support: ergonomic and load-bearing, orthopaedic provided by the rigid foam internal core, or box with traditional springs.

*The number of independent springs that make up the core of the single/double mattress.