Modal Hemp Linen Pillow Top

Technical features:



outer surface:
25% Modal
4% hemp
6% linen
internal structure:
65% polyester


ClimaCott padding:

Air Clima 45 (1 cm)
natural cotton


Fixed Pillow Top padding:

Air Clima 45 (3 cm)
polyester + natural cotton


Pillow Top with removable cover padding:

Air Clima 45 (3 cm)
Lympha 50 HG (2 cm)
polyester + natural cotton

The Natural Range/covers

An exclusive range of mattresses, made with natural-sourced materials, which offers exceptional performance levels in terms of design, comfort, breathability and strength: a true force of nature that also satisfies the desires of those in search of a product with a low environmental impact.


Modal Hemp Linen Pillow Top is a cover that enhances the comfort and ergonomics of the mattress by lending it unrivalled comfort levels thanks to the Pillow Top, a cushioned layer made with a special padding consisting of a 3 cm layer of high density Air Clima foam that gives it a smooth softness which is comparable to a feather. The cover is in Modal Hemp Linen; Modal is a fibre obtained from beech wood, which is smooth and soft, affording greater strength compared to natural cotton. Its absorption ability is 50% greater than cotton, thus leaving the skin always cool and dry. Hemp is a natural eco-friendly textile fibre par excellence, which generates an eternal cloth with a superior heat-insulating capacity combined with outstanding breathability, so it is cool in summer and warm in winter, without irritating the skin because it is hypoallergenic and antiseptic. Linen is soft, absorbent and was popular and appreciated by the ancient Greeks, maintaining its qualities intact: high hygroscopy, rapid elimination of heat and moisture. The ClimaCott padding has breathability, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, mould-proof and anti-odour properties. The synergistic action of the different materials creates an environment and a microclimate for truly restorative sleep. The quality workmanship guarantees impeccable and painstaking care for details.


Fixed Pillow Top with “bellows”

Pillow Top with removable “trunk” cover
Firm comfort

Perception: soft and enveloping, provided by the padded covers and by the first layer of the internal structure in Memory foam, Ormagel, Air Clima. Support: ergonomic, dynamic, according to the shaping and to the different materials that make up the internal structure, both in foam and also independent springs (1000/2000)*, that adapt individually to each point of the body.

Struttura interna materasso N6

*The number of independent springs that make up the core of the single/double mattress.