37.5 technology®

A patented technology, which uses active minerals sourced from volcanoes to regulate your personal microclimate and maintain the body-mattress contact area at an ideal temperature of 37.5°C.


Thanks to 37.5 Technology® you will always sleep in total comfort: every night, all night long.

The cover

Regula with 37.5 Technology® is the cover designed for you to get the best night’s sleep, every night. The natural active minerals it contains work constantly to maintain a comfortable personal microclimate, allowing you to sleep well, always: with no interruptions and in all seasons.


The Regula 37.5 cover contains active particles comprising volcanic sand, which absorb infrared rays (FIRR) emitted by the human body to release heat: the particles remove perspiration before it changes to its liquid state, in the form of vapour, to keep the body-mattress contact area dry and reduce sleep interruptions.


Owing to its technology, Regula 37.5 warms you up when you are cold and cools you down when you are hot: this effect is created by the active particles which constantly regulate the temperature and humidity in the contact area between the body and the mattress, regulating the temperature within 37.5° C and the relative humidity within 37.5%.


37.5 Technology® is permanent: the active particles are incorporated into the yarn, so it is impossible to remove them and they withstand both washing and the passing of time.


Based on mineral sources that exist freely in nature, 37.5 Technology® is certified “Skin Friendly” (DIN EN ISO 10993 5 2009 10) in conformity with European standards.

Internal structure

Dispositivo medico
Mattress affording superior comfort performance: the internal support and the 37.5 cover regulate both temperature and humidity in contact with your body, maintaining the ideal microclimate throughout the night.

The core of Regula 37.5 consists of 5 layers of high-performance foam. The foam layers – which differ in density and capacity – work in combination to support every part of the body perfectly, accommodating it in a soft layer of Air Clima.
A system of internal channels guarantees superior ventilation and the combination with the 37.5 cover creates the optimal microclimate, avoiding perspiration and keeping your body temperature constant.



Air Clima 45 | 5 cm
+ Horizon 40 S | 2 cm
Soft and anatomical firmness,
heat regulated comfort


Horizon color 40SM | 3,5 cm
Support of the pelvis


Polilatex Nir T25 | 10 cm
Load-bearing support


Horizon color 40S | 5 cm
Supported firmness