The base cover protects the mattress against direct contact with the bed base and safeguards it from dust, which often accumulates under beds, avoiding any deterioration on the underside.


Made in three-dimensional fabric with an air casing that encourages air re-circulation, it avoids the formation of moisture, supports and keeps the mattress cool and dry, to protect it against dust. This fabric is made of polyester fibres which have undergone special treatment that creates a special surface structure. The fibres, which are square or hexagonal in shape, create a ventilation system and carry any moisture from the mattress outside the bed base.
It is fitted with practical laces.

The sleeping system: Furnishings

Our furnishings have been designed to perfect your sleeping system, adding further features in terms of comfort and well-being and guaranteeing a valid solution to all needs. From the cover top, with its wide range of covers, to the breathable and waterproof mattress cover, through to the 3Mesh base cover to protect your mattress, all these items have been designed and made with the utmost care to ensure simple and versatile use.