The functional properties of the pillowcases, combined with those of the pillows, respond to various comfort requirements and create a welcoming environment for absolute well-being. All pillowcases are fitted with a zip fastener for quick removal.


The special membrane applied to the fabric protects the pillow against stains and liquids. It has exceptional microbiotic and antibacterial properties; the special composition creates a harmful environment for mites, while its exceptional breathability makes it mould-proof and anti-odour.
Fabric: polyester


The special microfibre used to make it ensures moisture and sweat are expelled to the outside from the sides covered in 3D fabric. It guarantees superior levels of hygiene since the fibre neither retains
bacteria or moulds, nor does it absorb dirty stains.
Totally hypoallergenic.
Fabric: microfibre + 3D fabric


The presence of bioceramic microbeads enables the fabric to keep the body temperature constant both in conditions of excess heat as well as when it is extremely cold.
Breathable and wash-resistant, it is hypoallergenic, mite-proof and antibacterial.
Fabric: polyester + bioceramic beads

Hybrid (warm&cool)

The warm side is made with a special eco-compatible microfibre that is extremely comfortable, similar to boiled wool. Ideal during the colder months. The cool side is made with a heat-regulating technical fabric that lends it an enjoyable feeling of coolness during the warmer months.
Fabric: polyester – microfibre

Modal Hemp Linen*

The combination of these three natural fibres, finely combined with cotton, provides unique properties for a good healthy night’s sleep. Its absorption ability is 50% greater than cotton, thus leaving the skin always cool and dry.
Fabric: 25% modal, 4% hemp, 6% linen (exterior); 65% polyester (interior)

*Also ideal for mattresses covered in BioCotton Melograno

The sleeping system: pillows

It is a well-known fact that details make the difference, and the choice of pillow to suit your individual needs is vital for a good night’s sleep. Adequate support fosters relaxation of the muscles and contributes to the prevention of tiresome neck ache. Zigflex offers an extensive range of pillows designed to accommodate a wide array of comfort needs. The choice of pillow should take account of the position taken while you sleep and the type of comfort sought, to identify the height and the type of support best suited to support your head.