Dispositivo medico

The Save mattress protector is a device that protects your health as it obstructs the spreading of allergens and protects your mattress against accidental liquid spillages. Your mattress thus becomes a place to enjoy with peace of mind.


The innovative processing technology and materials used gives the mattress extraordinary protection. The microporous membrane coupled to the fabric prevents the formation of bacteria and mites, maintaining a healthy environment. It is designed to be machine washable, even at high temperatures of 90° whenever necessary.

The sleeping system: Furnishings

Our furnishings have been designed to perfect your sleeping system, adding further features in terms of comfort and well-being and guaranteeing a valid solution to all needs. From the cover top, with its wide range of covers, to the breathable and waterproof mattress cover, through to the 3Mesh base cover to protect your mattress, all these items have been designed and made with the utmost care to ensure simple and versatile use.