Baby Mattress

A mattress designed to accommodate firmly, support and encourage baby’s sleep, responding to the safety and hygiene requirements of tiny tots. The internal support is made with highly breathable materials, devised concurrently to offer proper support.


The internal core of Baby is made up of a layer of Air Clima 45, a certified microflexible foam material, that is flexible, super breathable, and anti-suffocation to accommodate baby’s body gently and ergonomically. Owing to its heat-regulating properties, it maintains a constant microclimate to guarantee baby a feeling of well-being. The layer of Performance, in polyester agglomerate, provides support and guarantee ultimate breathability. Performance is a hygienic, hypoallergenic material that is mite-resistant and produced without the use of CFCs.

Internal structure


Air Clima 45 | 2 cm
Soft, anatomical, ultra breathable firmness



Performance Polyester
Agglomerate | 11 cm

Sustained, ultra breathable support


Tessuto di rivestimento Dryarn

The cover is made of Dryarn fabric which guarantees ultimate levels of hygiene. The special microfibre used to make it does not retain bacteria or moulds, nor does it absorb dirty stains. It can withstand frequent wash cycles at 90° and is dry-fast.

The baby sleeping system

It is never too early to sleep well: it is important that children sleep peacefully from day one. Infancy is a very delicate phase, and this is why we have devised a system with precise requirements that ensure quality rest for babies and, consequently, for their parents. A good night’s sleep is the starting point for a healthy life, so everything in the baby sleeping system is designed to meet the needs of tiny tots.