Ergo Lyra

Dispositivo medico

An ultra-slim operating system allows you to regulate with the utmost precision the position of the bed base, to obtain up to 5 differentiated areas depending on your comfort requirements. You can easily adjust the capacity rating of the bed base by turning the red knob from the semi-hard position to the hard position.

Specific functionality: it reduces tension in the lower back and neck; it helps blood circulation; it prevents gastric reflux;
Support: elastic;

Regulation: medium – fine;
Capacity: 150 kg;
For combination with mattresses: Lympha – Horizon.

The motor

The motor is incorporated into the structure of the frame so that there is no bulky mechanism underneath so that the bed base can be used in any type of bed.


Le reti in legno Ergo Lyra - Struttura in legno

70×25 mm evaporated beech plywood structure coated with water-based paint. Detail of the fixing system.

Le reti in legno Ergo Lyra supporti a tazza

Flared TPEE supports, fitted with hardness regulation system.

Le reti in legno Ergo Lyra supporti

TPEE damping supports. 38×8 mm beech plywood slats, coated with water-based paint.

Le reti in legno Ergo Lyra particolare

Slat hardness adjustment for the lower back area.

Wooden bed bases

A natural support created with the finest materials, in respect of human and environmental welfare: Zigflex wooden bed bases are made of evaporated beech plywood and painted with water-based paint, free from solvents and/or heavy metals. Our wooden bed bases stand out for their innovative technical solutions concerning, for example, the fixing systems and the customisation possibilities thanks to the insertion of supports to adjust the comfort level. By combining them with our natural mattresses and pillows, you can create a harmonic and totally natural bed system.