A classic mattress with a simple yet striking shape. Very strong and durable, it is especially suitable for those in need of supported comfort but also soft firmness. Thanks to the layer of Memory foam, it allows you to rest in a natural position free from tensions and compressions.

Internal structure


Memory 45 | 3 cm
Soft and anatomical firmness;
heat-regulated comfort



Polilatex Nir T24 | 16 cm
Load-bearing support

The internal core of E2 combines two layers of high-performance foam. The Memory foam layer adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, accommodating it firmly and offering the feeling of a soft embrace. It is an ergonomic, hygienic, breathable, hypoallergenic material, that is mite-resistant and produced without the use of CFCs. The layer of flexible microcellular foam, from the Polilatex Nir T24 series, provides anatomical support and guarantees superior strength and breathability for the mattress, as it is capable of expelling moisture and of creating a hostile environment for the formation of moulds and bacteria.

The covers
Horizon series

The mattresses in the Horizon series have a core made of Polilatex, a high-performance microcellular foam devised to provide support and softness. These mattresses stand out for their supported and durable comfort, their breathability and form-stability.