A mattress offering balanced and supported comfort which, thanks to the system featuring 800 independent springs, supports the body weight with precision, immediately conveying a sense of balanced support, without pressure points.

Internal structure


Polilatex Nir T24 | 3,5 cm
Supported firmness



System featuring 800 independent springs
Flexible and load-bearing support



Polilatex Nir T24 | 3,5 cm
Supported firmness

The internal core of E4 combines various high-tech materials that work in as a synergy to guarantee maximum comfort. The system featuring 800 independent springs, thanks to the flexibility of each individual spring, provides flexible support and adapts to the weight of the body in a balanced way. The layer of flexible microcellular foam from the Polilatex Nir T24/E series contributes to generating maximum comfort levels. Owing to its excellent properties, it lends the mattress superior strength and breathability, making it capable of expelling moisture and of creating a hostile environment for the formation of moulds and bacteria.

The covers
Independent springs series

The version with a system featuring 800 springs offers superior comfort and a balanced and ergonomic support, owing to the individual flexibility of each single spring.