A mattress with a classic and simple yet striking silhouette made using the traditional Bonnel spring system. The ideal choice for those in search of supported comfort, this mattress provides orthopaedic and at the same time anatomically correct support.

Internal structure


Polilatex Nir T24 | 3,5 cm
Supported firmness



Bonnel spring system
The spring system is included between
two layers of needlepunch felt.
Orthopaedic and load-bearing support



Polilatex Nir T24 | 3,5 cm
Supported firmness

The internal core of E5 is made up of two layers of Polilatex Nir T24/E flexible microcellular foam, a high-performance material that stands out for supported comfort, breathability and form-stability. The Bonnel spring system is the conventional mattress system, where the spring is made of choice steel wires with extreme precision. Bonnel inter-connected wire coil springs afford particularly high breathability, so the mattress releases moisture more easily. A high density felt layer supports the system, working in synergy with the spring system, which provides a solid base for top-quality mattresses affording superior stability and durability.

The covers
Bonnel springs

The system featuring Bonnel springs is the traditional spring system par excellence, the most popular and the most versatile, which accommodates various comfort requirements thanks to a firm support and superior ergonomics. The springs, which are made of choice steel wires with extreme precision, create a solid base for top-quality mattresses, which guarantee stable and long-lasting support. This type of system also makes it easier to release moisture, making the mattress extremely breathable.