Dispositivo medico

A high-comfort mattress designed to ensure profound and regenerative sleep. Inside, there is a combination of three layers of foam with different densities and capacity ratings which, thanks tot he special internal shaping, offer ergonomic and progressive support.

Internal structure


Memory 45 | 5 cm
Soft and anatomical firmness,
heat regulated comfort
(recommended for colder months)



Horizon color 40SM | 5 cm
Ergonomic and progressive support



Horizon color 40S | 10 cm
Supported and breathable comfort
(recommended for warmer months)

The internal core of F1 is made up of two layers of Horizon flexible microcellular foam, which work in synergy with a layer of Memory foam. Foam layers offer the best performance in terms of flexibility, breathability, form-stability and, thanks to the special shaping which defines the differentiated capacity rating areas, they create a surface that adapts perfectly to the weight of the body. An internal ducting system also guarantees superior breathability of the support, which is capable of expelling moisture and of creating a hostile environment for the formation of moulds and bacteria. The Memory foam adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, offering support and the feeling of a soft embrace.

The covers
Horizon series

Horizon flexible microcellular foam layers are the heart of this series of mattresses made to guarantee maximum comfort while you sleep. The mattresses in the Horizon series stand out for their superior breathability and form-stability and, thanks to their density, and to various levels of softness and to the combination with latest-generation Memory, Ormagel and Air Clima foams, they accommodate the most demanding expectations.