Technical features:





ClimaTech padding:

breathable polyester

The Functional range/covers

Each to their own. A series of mattresses made to accommodate the most varying requirements with an extensive range of material combinations, devised to offer everyone the pleasure of a natural and deep sleep.


Dryarn is a cover made up of a the slimmest and lightest microfibre fabric to date, which is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Dryarn is the washable cover par excellence, since the special microfibre does not absorb water. Owing to this specific property, it does not absorb sweat and always stays dry, giving the person a constant feeling of well-being. The high surface tension ensures the moisture and sweat are conveyed to the exterior. It has a high insulation capacity, offering outstanding control and regulation of both the skin’s temperature and its moisture level. Even after repeated wash cycles, Dryarn retains its structure and softness qualities intact, thereby guaranteeing considerable breathability over time, ensuring health and hygiene for the sleeper and drying in almost half the time of other fibres.
The padding made with special ClimaTech wadding, owing to the micro-structure consisting of a thick web of fibres, affords unique breathability, strength and reliability in time. It is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odourless, capable of creating a hostile environment for the formation of mites, bacteria, moulds and fungi, which are responsible for various types of allergies and unpleasant odours.

Firm comfort

Perception: soft and enveloping, provided by the padded covers and by the first layer of the internal structure in Memory foam, Ormagel, Air Clima. Support: ergonomic, dynamic, according to the shaping and to the different materials that make up the internal structure, both in foam and also independent springs (1000/2000)*, that adapt individually to each point of the body.

Balanced comfort

Percezione: meno avvolgente, minore spessore o assenza di Memory, Ormagel o Air Clima, pur rimanendo soffice nel caso di rivestimenti imbottiti.
Sostegno: anatomico, elastico come nel caso del box in schiumato a unica densità o sistema con molle indipendenti (400/800)*.

Supported comfort

Perception: not enveloping since the covers have less padding or none at all.
Support: ergonomic and load-bearing, orthopaedic provided by the rigid foam internal core, or box with traditional springs.

*The number of independent springs that make up the core of the single/double mattress.