Technical features:



bioceramic beads


FullSense padding:

Air Clima 45 (1 cm)
ultra breathable 
density polyester

The Functional range/covers

Each to their own. A series of mattresses made to accommodate the most varying requirements with an extensive range of material combinations, devised to offer everyone the pleasure of a natural and deep sleep.


Resistex is a new technical fibre in polyester bonded to a bioceramic material capable of having a beneficial effect on the human body. Resistex protects the body by performing a natural absorbing action vis-à-vis harmful UV rays. It also creates a barrier that blocks heat sources, lowering the temperature of the fabric, to guarantee coolness and comfort during sleep. Owing to the presence of the bioceramic material, the fabric offers superior heat insulation which makes it possible to keep the body temperature constant both in conditions of excess heat as well as when it is extremely cold. Resistex is capable of reproducing FIR (Far Infrared Rays) which are absorbed very easily by the body, to which they provide an indispensable contribution for growth and development, stimulating micro circulation of the body and boosting the metabolism, as confirmed by biological research studies. The FullSense padding is made with wadding with an extremely high-tech content and a layer of AirClima, which considerably improves performance: elasticity, compression strength, dimensional stability and softness. It provides adequate upward thrust and supports the body gradually, plying to its natural shape and providing profound well-being, both during sleep and day-time relaxation.

Firm comfort

Perception: soft and enveloping, provided by the padded covers and by the first layer of the internal structure in Memory foam, Ormagel, Air Clima. Support: ergonomic, dynamic, according to the shaping and to the different materials that make up the internal structure, both in foam and also independent springs (1000/2000)*, that adapt individually to each point of the body.

Balanced comfort

Perception: less enveloping, less thick or absence of Memory foam, Ormagel or Air Clima, while remaining soft in the case of padded covers. Support: anatomical, flexible as in the case of the foam box with a single density or system with independent springs (400/800)*.

Supported comfort

Perception: not enveloping since the covers have less padding or none at all.
Support: ergonomic and load-bearing, orthopaedic provided by the rigid foam internal core, or box with traditional springs.

*The number of independent springs that make up the core of the single/double mattress.