A mattress offering supported and balanced comfort. The system of 2000 independent springs, made with micro-flexible steel wire, and the two Lympha layers, guarantee support that is perfectly calibrated to the body weight, ensuring constant elastic response.

Internal structure


Lympha 50 HG | 4,5 cm
Balanced firmness



Patented system of 2,000 independent
steel springs

Dynamic and performing support



Lympha 50 HG | 4,5 cm
Balanced firmness

The internal core of N6 is made up of the innovative system with 2000 patented ultra-strong independent steel springs that offers the highest comfort levels. As they work individually, the springs allow the mattress to adapt to every single area of the body with precision to the nearest millimetre, thereby guaranteeing the utmost comfort in any position. The two plant-based Lympha layers, thanks to the special processing they undergo, create a system of channels which guarantees superior internal breathability capable of expelling moisture and of keeping the mattress cool and dry, preventing the formation of mites, bacteria, moulds and fungi, which are responsible for various types of allergies.

The covers
Independent springs series

The technology of the system featuring 2000 eco-sustainable independent springs, combined with the Lympha foam layers, gives rise to mattresses with exceptional levels of comfort and performance. Each individual spring is pocketed in 100% biodegradable fabric: an eco-sustainable system where the springs, created with patented high carbon content steel wire, create a spring system that stands out for its high strength and toughness, capable of offering ultimate degrees of comfort.